Entry #1

Calling Fellow Metal-Chugging Newgrounders!

2009-11-09 16:36:41 by Ryan-of-the-Metal

What's up all? As some of ye know, I review some of the songs in the heavy metal genre of Newgrounds, and I usually tend to review the songs that I see fit, or like, or anything like that. This might make some of the authors out there feel odd since I don't keep up, so I figured something.

Maybe, if disired, you all may request a review for a song or something. ;) I know I'm not really that entirely good of a critic, but I try to do better than a paragraph, and have had some experience, I'm slightly professional.

Of course, I'll never quite notice all of the submissions out there that should be reviewed, so notify meh if there are submissions lingering about.


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