Hey, any metalurgists with any hints?

2010-02-04 17:42:31 by Ryan-of-the-Metal

I've been working on recording with Audacity, you all know the mother-effing free recording thing.

Anyways, I've been fortunate to run a connection from my amp and lo and behold, I had recording, but it was awful. It was unreasonably choppy and just... Horrendous, I wish I never heard that spiteful blasphemy lol.

So I come with a plight to you all metal chugging maniacs whom happen to gaze upon this post; have any advice? I've been try all sorts of stuff, any maybe there's the chance that it'll be enough quality to post on Newgrounds, that is with some help.

So post anything that anyone thinks may help me in my quest for metal, please.

Hey, any metalurgists with any hints?


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2010-02-11 11:45:32

Thats fucking awesome dude.


2010-02-11 11:46:28

oh, yeah... uh, I don't don't know shit about recording, so.. yeah... but good luck

Ryan-of-the-Metal responds:

Hey, at least you're honest. The pic is pretty awesome, though.