What I've been doing.

2012-03-01 13:40:57 by Ryan-of-the-Metal

So lately, I haven't been very active besides for a review or two. I'm really wrapped up with college, film and a plethora of other time sinks. That doesn't leave me much time to record and subject you all to my nasty tunes haha.

That was the bad news. The good news is that I might also be finding myself a band to perform in. If it goes successfully, I'll probably post videos and songs depending of how successful we are. Regardless, harbringers of metal, keep my spot warm, I need all the support I can get! Love y'all.

If you ever feel that I have songs that don't sound professional, you're probably right. Although,if you think it sounds bad, nasty, or abrasive, you might need your pallet to be adjusted.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JWs_P37 eEyU

^^ Hairspray Queen, Nirvana, 1992, anti-art. Please.

'Musician title'

2011-02-15 11:11:40 by Ryan-of-the-Metal

Okay, so my currentle title (or username, if you want to be anal about it) is lacking a bit.

So, maybe I should have a name for my musical project here on Newgrounds. You could just say "Oh, you want a band name?" With that, that's probably an accurate statement, but since I'm usually by myself, I guess it'd be more accurate to say a project.

So this is what I got.

-Soul Bullet

Or I could just keep my current name to prevent confusion. What do the Newgrounders think?


2010-11-08 17:24:54 by Ryan-of-the-Metal

So now, my UX1 has stopped communicating to my heavy-hitting effect moster POD Farm. >_< It's like they got a divorce lol. Although, now I find myself extremely compromised on tone selection, I probably have like 25% of the tones that I would usually have on my other programs now.

So I guess, for the time being, I'm compromised with my tones. :( But I'll persevere by trying to put out more songs.

Minor Update

2010-06-05 18:20:06 by Ryan-of-the-Metal

So I've really been producing some songs here. I'm really glad I've gotten some really positive feedback, that I've just been craving. I also, since I got on this website, made plenty of friends... Thrashing, devil-horned friends at that lol.

But on the other hand, zero bombers... I just wanted to say that I sometimes put alot of effort into my songs, and yes, the music needs some guidance to help it along in the right path. Much like anything that does something by itself, my music might have tendancies that make it less enjoyable to the masses, that's why I need advice.

Zero-bombing does absolutely nothing, but destruction. I really hate zero-bombers. But, alternatively, if people want to rate zeros, and give legitamate reasons, that is just dandy. I especially hate it when the zero-bombers are techno/electronica whores.

Done. Also, kudos to I8usernames on the Art portal for comming up with something funny like this. ^_^

Minor Update


2010-03-21 18:34:56 by Ryan-of-the-Metal

I've uploaded 4 songs, check them out. ^^

Well, I struggled with Audacity, then ultimately scrapped the program, in favor of Riffworks and Ableton.

I can record my own loops with that bad boy Riffworks, and it comes equipped with some already present drumming sequences, sick.

Now, I just simply need to learn how to use them, and then I'll be on my way to be 0-bombed!

In the mean time, here's a Colt Andaconda I found whilist web-surfing.

Things are looking good so far.

I've been working on recording with Audacity, you all know the mother-effing free recording thing.

Anyways, I've been fortunate to run a connection from my amp and lo and behold, I had recording, but it was awful. It was unreasonably choppy and just... Horrendous, I wish I never heard that spiteful blasphemy lol.

So I come with a plight to you all metal chugging maniacs whom happen to gaze upon this post; have any advice? I've been try all sorts of stuff, any maybe there's the chance that it'll be enough quality to post on Newgrounds, that is with some help.

So post anything that anyone thinks may help me in my quest for metal, please.

Hey, any metalurgists with any hints?

What's up all? As some of ye know, I review some of the songs in the heavy metal genre of Newgrounds, and I usually tend to review the songs that I see fit, or like, or anything like that. This might make some of the authors out there feel odd since I don't keep up, so I figured something.

Maybe, if disired, you all may request a review for a song or something. ;) I know I'm not really that entirely good of a critic, but I try to do better than a paragraph, and have had some experience, I'm slightly professional.

Of course, I'll never quite notice all of the submissions out there that should be reviewed, so notify meh if there are submissions lingering about.